Scholarship Fall 2008

This year our chapter is offering two $300 scholarships for incoming freshman for the Fall 2008 semester. Academics and extracurricular are taken into account. You can fill out the scholarship online here. Good luck!


ISU Orientation

Orientation for incoming freshman starts tomorrow. If any freshman would like to check out the house during thier orientation please feel free to e-mail Thomas Bakke at or Kevin Russell at we can either set you up with a tour of the house, just hang out, or you can stay at the house over your orientation to see what Greek life is all about.

Have fun at your orientation!!

Homecoming 2008

Homecoming this year we will be paired with Kappa Alpha Theata, Theta Chi, and Phi Delta Theta. Our Homecoming Co-chair is going to be Kevin Russell.

MBU 2008

Merit Badge University has finished for the year. We had 246 scouts signed up for the event. We donated the proceeds to CCI our Charitable Organization. We will see everyone again next year!

Alpha Sigma Phi is offering one $500 scholarship for an incoming freshman for the Fall 2007 semester. Academics and extracurricular are taken into account. The application is found here. Good luck to all applicants!

Homecoming 2007 pairings have been chosen!

Alpha Sigma Phi will be paired with Kappa Delta sorority and Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI) fraternity. The Alpha Sig Homecoming Co-chairs are Scott Crowther, Steve Sulhoff, and David Manu. Here’s hoping for a fun and competitive homecoming!

A look back: The house renovation in 1998

       Our current house was bought in 1998 and was the former house of Sigma Nu fraternity. Here are some photos from when our beautiful house was still in the process of being gutted, renovated, and added onto. The official opening of the new home of Alpha Sigma Phi came on October 23rd, 1999.


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