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Scholarship Fall 2008

This year our chapter is offering two $300 scholarships for incoming freshman for the Fall 2008 semester. Academics and extracurricular are taken into account. You can fill out the scholarship online here. Good luck!


ISU Orientation

Orientation for incoming freshman starts tomorrow. If any freshman would like to check out the house during thier orientation please feel free to e-mail Thomas Bakke at or Kevin Russell at we can either set you up with a tour of the house, just hang out, or you can stay at the house over your orientation to see what Greek life is all about.

Have fun at your orientation!!

Our Website: Official Relaunch


There have been some obvious changes to the website. We hope it proves to be more informative and up-to-date than ever before. A quick tour of the different sections of the site:

 Blog: Here you will find officer reports, important news, and other things that are typically found in our newsletter, Phi Criz.

About: Want to know more about our chapter? Our organization? Need our address or phone number? Go here.

Alumni: Alumni of Phi Chapter, leave your mark! Leave a message for us in the form of a comment at the bottom of the page. Also, soon to come, update your contact information electronically.

Directory: Names, positions, and contact information of all members, pledges, and advisors.

H-Server: For current Alpha Sigs only and password protected. What’s inside? We’ll never tell…

House Tour: We get complements about our house all the time. See why.

Photos: See our composite and other photo albums.

Why Join Alpha Sigma Phi?: Recruitment information for prospective members.

 Also, by clicking a category on the right side of the page you can view all articles written pertaining to that subject. You can search through all the articles, too.

What is in the future for this website? Hmmmm expect more content, that’s for sure. Enjoy your stay at our site and check back often.

 – Adam Kapler, Phi 903


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