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So, why join Alpha Sigma Phi? Keep reading!

While classrooms teach academics and the technicalities of your field of study, the fraternity experience teaches you how to be a leader and succeed. Fraternities provide a great home away from home. In few other places can you get a family environment at a university of 28,000 people. It’s very easy to become just another face at ISU and get lost in the crowd. In a fraternity you’ll instantly have a vast network of brothers and friends as an undergraduate and in your future.

Greek life promotes leadership, fun, scholarship, experience, networking and opportunities you would never get elsewhere!

  • It is a fact: The average Greek man’s GPA is always higher than the university-wide undergrad average GPA.
  • At Iowa State, Greeks only make up 15% of the student body. However, 85% of student leaders at Iowa State are Greek.

“What sets Alpha Sigma Phi apart from other fraternities?”

We actually asked the guys in the house this question and here are some of the responses:

  • Our house is beautiful and well kept (renovated 1999)
  • Our suite-style rooms (with sinks / seperate sleep rooms)
  • Our location on Sorority Circle and close to Campus
  • Our Touchdown Cannon we fire off at football games
  • Our ethnic and academic diversity
  • Free laundry machine and dryer use
  • 24/7 kitchen and food access
  • Our substance-free house policy
  • The academic/social life balance
  • Good food and good grades
  • Our lounge with the bigscreen TV and surround sound
  • Our Goalsetter basketball hoop in back
  • Our Casino night during Greek Week
  • Phi Christmas and Black&White
  • Our preserved rituals
  • Merit Badge University

“What majors are represented in the house?”

A lot! Mechanical Engineering, Biology, Journalism, Industrial Engineering, Economics, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Materials Engineering, Design, Industrial Technology, Accounting, Finance, Aerospace Engineering, Marketing, Meteorology, Religious Studies, Biochemistry and more.

“Where is everyone from?”

All over! There are a lot of guys from the Des Moines, Twin Cities, and the Chicago Area. Most members come from Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, Missouri, and Nebraska. Some even come from Texas and Puerto Rico.

“But I’m not the frat-boy type…”

(Response by Adam Kapler) The majority of people living in the house right now felt the same way. Most of us never gave any thoughts about the Greek system at all. I already had a dorm room assigned to me when I accepted my bid – fraternities were one of the last things on my mind. But I got to see the house, meet some of the guys, and really thought I would be better off in a good fraternity rather than a dorm room that seemed roughly the size of my car. Lots of other guys have had similar experiences. So if you are sure that you would never fit in a fraternity, see what we have to offer and you might just change your mind. When I was a recruitment chairman, I found that the hardest thing to do when trying to get a person to join the house is break parents’ stereotypes about fraternities in general. There are no drunken parties, we aren’t kids from rich families, we aren’t stupid (school really does come first), there isn’t a girl behind every bedroom door you open, we don’t think we are better than anyone else, and we don’t wear togas.

“How exactly do I join a fraternity?”

The first step has already been taken – either we have already contacted you or you have found us on your own. If you haven’t already, come take a look at the house in person and meet some of the guys. If you have interest in joining, show it (feel free to flat-out tell us). We will probably ask you to go and do something fun like go to an amusement park, spend a day at a lake, or go out to eat. This is so we can get to know each other better. If you show interest in the house and everyone likes you, we will give you what is called a bid. A bid is just an official invitation to join the house. You do not have to accept the offer right away. If you do accept, just let us know, and then… welcome to Alpha Sigma Phi. If you decide to decline we ask that you please let us know (our feelings wont be hurt too much). We just don’t like having a lot of unanswered bids floating around. Once you accept the bid you are what is called a pledge. You remain a pledge, which is not a full member of Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity, until your initiation, which comes at the beginning of the spring semester.

“Can you tell me more about the house?”

The house’s official name is “Thurston Manor.” Its maximum capacity is 52 people. It was renovated and an addition, garage, barbeque pit, deck, and front parking lot was added on in 1999. It was valued last year by the Story County Assessor at just a little under $1.1 million. The house has a lounge with a widescreen TV, DVD, surround sound, and stadium seating. The house has central air and heat. There are 11 suites in the house, each holding around 4 to 6 people, and each containing a sink area, an Ethernet connection, and separate sleep rooms. The house has a formal room that is furnished with hand-made wood furniture, leather couches, and beautiful hardwood floors. There is a project room for any hobbies you might have, which contains a pool table and air hockey table. The kitchen in Thurston Manor is open 24-7 and the guys are free to use the ovens, burners, and anything else. The bathrooms on each floor feature individual showers, toilet stalls, and urinals.



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